Gun Shooting In Schools Essay

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Outline of the Argument
Problem: The limited amount of security in schools across the United States has resulted in several deaths or injury of students and faculty members due mass gun shootings
Issue: There has been an increase in the amount of school shootings by guns.
Question: Should schools implement safety measures to prevent mass gun shootings?
Claim: Schools and Congress should work together to implement purposeful security measures to increase the levels of safety and security.
I. Justification
" Reasons o School environment significantly impacts students ' academic achievement. o Serious death and injury to students and faculty members o School security is based on the school districts discretion, but government policies are necessarily to prevent reoccurring events
" Assumptions o Schools do not have appropriate polices for school crisis response o A limited amount of antiviolence initiatives that include prevention programs for all students. This include faculty members who are aware of psychological signs o Community involvement is necessary
II. Elaboration
" Evidence for reasons o Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting
" Evidence for assumptions o "April 2012 poll found that 84% of parents believe their child is safe in school" (American Association of School Administrators). o "Overall, America 's children
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This event caused members of AASA to refocus their perspective on the problem with school safety and gun control violence. First, the structure of the analysis begins with the problem, issue, and claim. The statement continues with justification of their claim through statistical evidence. Next, it is organized in three areas of recommendation: school safety programs and procedures, steps congress should take to enhance school safety, and gun safety legislation
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