Outline Of KFC CSR Strategy

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Question 4
Outline of KFC’s CSR Strategy (KFC, Yum! Brands 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, 2015)

KFC is a fast food franchise that belongs to Yum! Brands. They are an international business and have CSR strategies in place for each of their markets.

KFC splits their CSR strategy in the following categories:
• Food
• People
• Community
• Environment

1. Nutrition – Provides customers in South Africa with a healthy salad option
2. Transparency – Updated their website to display the nutritional information about the products. Nutritional information is also available over the counter at the restaurants.
3. Nutritional improvement – Greatly reduced usage of sodium and ingredients that contain lots of calories and fat.

1. Usage of a combination of recognition, leadership development, wellbeing improvement, educational programs (apprenticeships) and training to improve the lives of their employees.

1. Add Hope campaign - Aims to feed hungry children in South Africa so that they can be healthy, grow up, and study. The Add Hope campaign is able to feed 100 000 every day through donations by customers. (e.g. adding R1 to your bill as a donation)
2. Mini Cricket – main sponsor of mini cricket in South Africa since 2009 enabling youngsters to live healthy and active lives, while teaching more than 100 000 children to play and love the game.

1. Supply chain audits – KFC in South Africa recently (2015) underwent and passed its first
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