Outline Of Literature: Annotated Bibliography

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October 25, 2015

Library Research Assignment Step 2
Part 1 - Proposed plan for step 3
1. Topic
Wu Zhao Chinese empress
2. Bibliography of all sources used for this assignment
Doran, Rebecca. “Building Power: Conspicuous Consumption, Projection of Identity, and
Female Power in the Late Seventh and Early Eighth Centuries.” Frontiers of Literary Studies in China 6:4 (2012): 472-489.
Fitzgerald, C. P. The Empress WU. Melbourne: Australian National University, 1955.
Liang, Yongyuan. Biography of Empress Wu Zetian. Beijing: Culture and Art Publishing House, 2012.
Place, Jean-Michel, ed. Encyclopedia of Asian Civilization. Paris: Pierre-et-Marie Curie, 1984.
Wu, Chengjun. “On the
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Author, if known
The encyclopedia don’t have author, it only has editor named Jean-Michel Place.
4. Year of publication
It was published in 1984.
5. What topics does the encyclopedia entry cover?
Encyclopedia shows the people and events in Asian arranged in alphabetical order. For my topic, it provides a brief introduction about Wuzhao such as the statues and achievements.
6. Does the entry include a bibliography? If so, choose one book or journal article from it that you think will be useful for your final report.
No, it doesn’t include a bibliography.
c) Comparing Wikipedia to other Encyclopedias
1. How are the entries on your person/event similar or different in Wikipedia versus your other encyclopedia?
The brief introductions of Wuzhao are similar for both cyclopedia. Wikipedia contain more information with pictures, other sources on websites and books, but encyclopedia provides less information. Moreover, for some details are stated in encyclopedia, Wikipedia doesn’t contain.
2. Which did you find the most useful?
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What was the most interesting piece of information you got from these encyclopedia entries that you would like to research more for your final assignment?
I am interested to know how Wuzhao become first empress from the wife of emperor, because it is amazing for women to build power in patriarchy society. Furthermore, Wuzhao lead to the development of Tang dynasty that the gold age of China, so I want to know the achievements for her.
B - Using the Library Catalogue and Article Databases
Article 1
1. What is the title of the article? What journal is it published in?
The tile is Building Power: Conspicuous Consumption, Projection of Identity, and Female Power in the Late Seventh and Early Eighth Centuries. It was published at Frontiers of Literary Studies in China.
2. What is the date of publication, the issue number and the volume number (some articles will only have a volume number)?
The article was published in 2012 in Volume 6, Issue 4 of journal.
3. How did you find this

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