Outline Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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Timeline: What are the most important events that occur in the novel?

1. A short time after Elie met Moishe the Beadle and starts learning the Kabbalah from him, Moishe, and all the other foreign Jews, were expelled for their homes in Sighet. Several months later Moshe returns to the town to inform the people that the foreign Jews were not only deported but executed by the Gestapo (German soldiers).
2. When the fascist party comes to party comes to power the Germans slowly begin taking control of Sighet (making Jews wear yellow stars, not allowing them on trains, etc.) until they force the Jews out of their homes, and into to live in Ghettos. After living in the Ghetto for a while, Elie and his family find out they, and he rest of the Jews, are being deported.
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After a very long horrid train ride of Mrs. Schächter “prophesizing” about seeing flames, the Jews of Sighet arrive at Birkenau where they are separated by gender. Elie and his father are now on their own.
4. With the fear of the first selection behind them, Elie and the other man are sent to the showers, and assigned to a barrack, A while later, all the men are transferred to Auschwitz. Elie and his father are given block 17 to stay in. While at Auschwitz, Elie is branded with the number A-7713, his new name. Stein, family member of the Wiesel’s, finds Elie and his father and asked about his family, Elie lies and reassures him they are alive.
5. Upon arriving at Buna, the men shower, receive new clothes, and are given tents to sleep in. Because of Elie’s gold tooth crown, he is sent to the dentist to have it removed, but then pretends to be sick. Later, Franek sees Elie's gold crown and demands he give it to him, but Elie refuses so Franek messes with Elie's father until he gives up his crown. During work, Elie catches Idek with a girl and receives whips for spying on

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