Outline On All Summer In A Day By Ray Bradbury

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CONTENT I will include this in my essay INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Introduce and summarize the story: “All Summer In a Day” A realistic fiction story by Ray Bradbury, about a young girl who moved from Earth to Venus with her family, on Venus it rains everyday and night constantly. The people on Venus built underground tunnels and homes and stay inside their all year round except for the one day every seven years when it is sunny, Margot, the main character of the story hates the rain. Margot loves the sun, and other kids bullied her for being obsessed with the sun. The kids end up locking Margot in a closet causing her to miss the sun. Introduce the character/theme that your thesis refers to: Margot is a small, frail girl that has been brought from Earth to Venus. Margot loves the sun, on Venus the sun comes out for one hour every seven years. In the story this year is the year…show more content…
Link back to topic sentence or thesis Margots parents should bring the family back home. CONCLUSION Fresh rephrasing of thesis statement Margot's unhappiness is not only others fault. Margot's non-stop about the sun creates the walls of her depression. Touch upon each of the ways that you showed your thesis was true (summarize each paragraph’s main idea) When Margot doesn't leave the sun behind from her old life, she becomes depressed. One way the other kids don’t help is when they lock her in a closet and she missed the sun. When her parents discuss about taking her home and decide against it Margot is still stuck there and will have to learn to live with it. Closing sentences are general statements that relate to thesis, but are universal Happiness for Margot depends on her and others working together. Just like happiness for most people
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