Outpatient Clinic Reflection

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a. One situation that I was able to utilize developmentally-appropriate techniques to deliver quality care was when I was performing my assessment. I made sure to tell the patient what I was doing, as well as bent down during the assessment so that I wasn’t towering over him. I also pressed buttons on his toy to interact with him. Even though I did those things, I was nervous for this assessment, so I feel like I could have done more with using different techniques.

2. Describe specific strategies you used to promote and provide family centered care in the outpatient clinic setting.
a. To promote and provide family centered care in the clinical setting, I introduced myself at the start of the clinical and made sure to not approach too
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The best part about my clinical day was just being around kids. Even though the adult clinical rotation was a great learning experience, I was excited to go to the Children’s Hospital. I enjoyed watching little kids walk up and down the halls as happy as can be. That was especially interesting for me to see because I had never been in a children’s hospital before. When I think about any hospital in general, I think about sick people. Even though they are sick, they seemed more upbeat than any of the adults that I had seen in the adult clinical rotation. Most of them wanted to get up and walk. They wanted to do things like play with toys or color in coloring books.

5. Was there a part of your outpatient clinic day that needed improvement or could have benefitted from a different approach? Please describe.
a. One part of my clinical day that needed improvement was my ability to talk to children. At the start, I realized that kids are a lot different than adults, so talking to them is very different. It was especially difficult to converse with my patient because he was developmentally delayed. I had never been around that before this clinical, so I was unsure about what to do. I was able to talk to the parents because I was used to doing that from the adult clinical, but it was more difficult with the children. I had to get out of my comfort zone to figure out different ways to talk to the patients on their level and be able to communicate with them
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