Outsiders In 'A Day No Pigs Would Die'

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While reading A Day No Pigs Would Die, I noticed Robert tended to be more of an Outsider. He had friends, but from the school experiences he told, he kept more to himself. Thinking about myself, I tend to be more of an outsider myself. Why would anyone even want to be popular in the first place? Typically when I think about being popular, I imagine popular people to be known by everyone. All the kids that get invited to go everywhere, always tend to be with the newest fashion, and tend to date whoever they want; At least that’s how I view popular kids. From my point of view, outsiders, honestly, aren’t noticed by anyone. I have been at Fort Chiswell have the last month of our eighth grade year, people in my grade, still, don’t have a clue…show more content…
Outsiders, like myself, don’t see how they constantly have time and money to do everything they do. Most of the popular kids I know don’t have jobs, and their parents are working normal jobs with average income. My real question is why don’t they ever just take time for themselves? Don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy hanging out with my friends, but I also love being alone with family or reading a book. Personally, though, I believe an outsider’s idea of a day out is more of a quiet getaway with close friends and family. Popular kids look to me like they would much rather go out to the mall, movies, or just spend money with anyone and everyone that is willing or can go. Despite this fact, both popular kids and outsiders are self-conscious. It doesn’t seem like outsiders really care what they look like to anyone, but trust me they do. Think about it, not all outsiders want to be, well, outsiders. A majority of them have a physical or mental illnesses that cause them to be outsider. Just because someone is in the dark, like outsiders, doesn’t mean they don’t care what others think. A lot of, so called geek or nerds, honestly would love to be noticed. So, typically, outsiders dress to impress the popular crowd. Popular kids, on the other hand, have tons of people looking no matter what they do or say. For any person, that would be too much pressure. This means popular kids feel pushed to look the best of the best no…show more content…
Popular kids, for instance, are jocks, preps, rich, and well-liked kids. Jocks tend to be the athletic kids, who play the winning sports. Preps are mostly girls (possibly a few guys) who dress super trendy and stay with all the fashion. Of course the rich kids have a lot of money, and they think they are better than everyone. Fortunately, quite a few of the popular kids are people that lighten up the room around them. On the other side of social groups, you have the outsiders’ clicks. Emo, shy, kids with anxiety and/or depression of course the poor, and what most people consider to be nerds and geek. Typically, when people think of an emo person, they assume it’s someone depressed. Not all emo kids are depressed; a majority of them actually just like dark music and things. Shy and anxiety are normally classified as the same thing, by anxiety is wanting to talk to people but having the fear you will say the wrong thing. Whereas shy, you don’t speak to anyone until you are comfortable with people. You have poor kids, though, who tend to be looked down upon because they don’t have money to buy nice things that are trendy. You can’t forget the nerds and geeks. I don’t know why people think geeks and nerds are losers. In all reality, they are trying harder than anyone to become something big, leave a mark on the world. Even having the fewer amounts of sub groups, popular kids

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