Outsiders In The Armenian Genocide

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Armenian genocide is known to be ethnic conflict between Muslims and Christians. The extermination of Christians were necessary because Armenian were a threat to the Ottoman Empire during World War I. The essay will present the true reality of this case and why it happened. The essay answers the research question: How do outsider actor respond and influence the case? The arguments that are presented: when outsiders act as bystanders it results into support, outsiders and politicians help each other to fulfill their political interests, outsiders have higher chance of influencing when the outsider has integrated into the society. The outsiders in the Armenian case are German, Britain and the missionaries. The essay will be divided into four parts. Part I provides an…show more content…
The essay develops in how West European involved with Christian merchants from Ottoman Empire created difference between Muslims and Christians. Many people in Ottoman Empire kept loyalty to the imperialism that threatened the empire because they were at war. This article help further develop the argument how outsiders influenced Ottoman Empire and those influenced leaded onto a genocide. Hindley, Meredith, “German Responsibility in the Armenian Genocide,” review of of the Historical Evidence of German Complicity by Dadrian, Vahakn N, Watertown: Blue Crane Books 1996. Hindley explains that Dadrian does not accuse Germany of instigating the Armenian genocide; he argues instead that Germany contributed to the genocide through policies. Dadrain gives examples of Germany contributing as being a bystander and argues that Germany should have interfered to prevent the genocide. Dadrain’s example of Germany role in the genocide sheds light on how outsiders will avoid interfering because their political interest. Germany did not want to ruin its alliance with Ottoman Empire, thus got involved in the genocide
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