Outsiders Vs. The Adventurer (ISFP)

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“ I change during the course of a day. I wake and i’m one person, and when I go to sleep I know for certain i 'm someone else,” is a quote by Bob Dylan that helps explain how I feel and how many other people feel too. Anyone who wonders why they behave and act a certain way should take the Myers and Brigg test. As for me, thanks to the test I find out I am an ISFP or “ The Adventurer” and I was able to understand myself. I was even able to find out that Britney Spears and Michael Jackson share the same personality. The I component in ISFP stand for introvert,,” an individual who prefers solitary activities and get exhausted by social interaction.” From that quote alone I agree that I do prefer solitary activities and become exhausted from social interaction. “ ISFP’s are definitely introverts, surprising their friends further when they step out of the spotlight to be by themselves to recharge.” The quote accurately describes my social interaction. When I am out with my friends…show more content…
“ ISFP’s are sensitive to others’ feelings and value harmony.” In my friend group I have been called the mother of the group because I always try to make them feel better and are happy. This also applies to my family, like my siblings and cousins. I also am not a fan of conflict and I always try to end it. One conflict that I remember was actually between my sister and cousin. It all started with a small disagreement, but it escalated to the point that they just completely acted like enemies. I was able to help them become kind and basically friends with each other, but those times were very tough for me because I hated being in a hateful atmosphere. I did everything I can to end the fight and luckily they are no longer enemies and if anything love each other again. “ Feeling individuals are more empathetic and focus on social harmony and cooperation,” is a very accurate quote by the Myers and Brigg Foundation that described how I felt during that

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