Outstanding Educators Qualities

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Outstanding educators must possess many important qualities. They must be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subjects that they teach. If a teacher is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, their students will be more excited about what they need to learn, and see the teacher as a valuable resource. These educators must continue to pursue learning opportunities and use this new knowledge to improve their instruction. Students come to school at different academic levels. These educators need to be able to accurately assess where a student is academically and be able to move them forward. Outstanding educators use informal and formal assessments to drive their instruction. These educators guide students to set their own goals and to work hard to achieve them. Outstanding educators instruct students at the edge of their academic levels, gently pushing students towards their goals. They scaffold learning, pulling away supports as students are able to work more independently. These educators must be patient, because it takes time for students to make progress.…show more content…
If a student is not making adequate progress, they try other interventions or ways of implementing instruction to help students to progress. Outstanding educators are flexible and can think quickly, they are able to adjust lessons to meet the needs and address the learning styles of their students as necessary. An outstanding teacher is firm but fair when disciplining students. These educators are always aware of what is going on in their classrooms and monitor situations as needed to quickly and effectively keep things from getting out of control. Outstanding educators get to know their students, and show them respect and kindness. When educators respect their students they are better able to teach them because they earn the respect of their students as
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