Over Sexualised Advertisements Analysis

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We live in a world that bombards us with over-sexualised images to aspire to. This sets standards for both women and young girls which are unrealistic and unattainable. Society is becoming more and more sexualised, leading to future generations becoming obsessed with vanity and looks. "Our children should no longer be sacrificed on the altar of the obsession with celebrity culture and the 'beauty ' industry it has spawned." The media is constantly spewing out over-sexualised adverts which they shove down our throats. Perfume adverts all have one thing in common. They all have beautiful models in various states of undress. Women are subject to stereotypical views in advertising and are restricted to certain gender roles. These stereotypes…show more content…
Childrens clothing is becoming more risqué and promiscuous. Many retailers have come under fire for selling over-sexualised childrens clothing. Primark is one of the main culprits. They have been criticised for selling a T-shirt with the slogan "Future WAG" aimed at three-year-olds. Anna Van Heeswijk, of Object -which campaigns against the sexual objectification of women- said "What does it say about how our society values women and girls, if we are groming three-to-four-year-olds to aspire to be a footballer 's wife?" Unfortunately, Primark is not the only company to be criticised. Many other retailers have faced pressure to remove inappropriate items from their shelves. New Look sells a variety of high heels in smaller sizes. They start at a size one which is equivalent to the shoe size of the average eight year old. They were recently criticised about a pair of 'dark blue platforms with a 3.5inch heel, pointed toe and four straps. ' The parenting website Mumsnet wanted the shoes to be removed from shelves, declaring them as "horrific and inappropriate for young children." Furthermore, high heels could potentially affect childrens health and stunt their growth. Van Heeswijk said "The early sexualisation of girls is not harmless, and , if we are serious about achieving genuine equality between women and men, it is time to put an end to women and girls being viewed, treated, portrayed and groomed into sexual objects through clothing ranges like these." Penny Nicholls, of the…show more content…
We are subjected to magazines and TV adverts continuously informing us of the latest trends and how to get the 'perfect ' body, but have we gone too far? Child beauty pageants are very common in America, they even have a TV show 'Toddlers and Tiaras ' dedicated to the events but as the UK adopts a similar process, there has been a lot of backlash. In previous years, Leicester has hosted the 'Miss Mini Princess UK ' pageant. The contest is primarily for girls aged up to 13 and will consist of judgements on appearance, a dazzling outfit, a talent and finally a parade of evening wear. OnePoll recently conducted a survey, asking 1000 UK adults what their opinion was on pageants, the related risks and whether it was appropriate for young girls to be flaunted and judged on their appearance. On the whole, the opinion of beauty pageants was negative, with 83% of adults saying they didn 't think beauty pageants should be available for girls of this age. The majority of adults thought that the events were too risky. Their main concerns were paedophile interest(72%), sexualisation of children(82%) and obsessive/pushy parents(81%). One mum featured on the TV programme 'Toddlers and Tiaras ' even went as far as to dress her daughter as a prostitute so as to resemble Julie Roberts ' character from the film, 'Pretty Woman '. The toddler was dressed in a
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