Over Tourism In The Mediterranean

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Over tourism in the Mediterranean region is a modern issue which threatens to disturb long established cultural traditions and act as a gentrifying force for locals who can not or will not leave. A problem which negatively impacts locals and tourists alike, over tourism can be described as when there are enough tourists or when tourism is managed poorly enough that quality of life experiences substantial deterioration. In a world where globalization is overtaking local traditions despite the want for cultural integrity, people can be easily angered by the flocks of foreigners (often overpopulating locals) who cause cultural appropriation, congestion, public disruptions, and many other negative lifestyle changes. The rising middle class worldwide has presented an opportunity for more and more tourists to travel abroad and negatively impact an increasing amount of destinations. Connected by cruise ship routes, Mediterranean/Adriatic cities with unsustainable tourism such as Barcelona, Spain, Venice, Italy, and Dubrovnik, Croatia regularly experience protests and political turmoil as a result of the mass influx of travelers. In some cases, violence and quasi terrorism are the local’s politically motivated methods for dealing with the issue. Not to mention, the tourism industry and cruise ships in particular are massive contributors to pollution and urban sprawl, further destroying the already fragile Mediterranean ecosystem and acting as a supplement to the deteriorating

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