Overactive Bladder Syndrome Case Study Patricia Miller

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Based on the case study, the patient, Patricia Miller has been diagnosed with overactive bladder syndrome. It is because she recently had a problem that she often had to get up from her sleep to use the bathroom. She also had a problem that she had to urinate about nine times during the daytime. We can conclude from her situation that she having nocturia and urinary urgency. Overactive bladder syndrome can be obtained by patient when the person having this two situation, nocturia and urinary urgency. Overactive bladder syndrome is a syndrome where a person regularly forces by his desire to pass urine. This sensation cannot be delay and can be happen anytime during the day or night without any warning.
There are two muscles involve during urination
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After that, she was suggested with the extended-release and transdermal formulation of oxybutynin. If we compare the immediate release and extended release formulation of oxybutynin, extended-release was chosen in order to help Mrs Miller. This is because extended-release formulation is more tolerability than immediate release. It can lower the side effect that has been experienced by Mrs Miller. For the immediate release formulation, it will undergo extensive upper gastrointestinal first pass metabolism. Thus, the bioavailability of the drug will decrease. For the extended-release formulation, it can minimise the upper gastrointestinal first pass metabolism system. The reason is it will delay the release of oxybutynin and deliver it throughout the intestine in a steady state concentration. For good tolerability, transdermal formulation is preferred to use by Mrs miller. This is because transdermal studies has been shown that it can improved cognitive tolerability in olderly patient. It also can reduce more adverse effect of oxybutynin than others. It also can increase bioavailability of drug as it can bypass first metabolism in

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