Overbearing Parents In Sports

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Ever since sports began to be the country’s pastime, athletes have become burn out thanks to the “country’s great love of sports”, fueled by the presence of overbearing parents, athletes might deal with problems such as being pressured with perfectionistic expectations, being forbidden from expressing emotions and feeling violated of your privacy.
Famous tennis star Andre Agassi, stated in his book “Open: An Autobiography” that his father, Mike Agassi, was “violent by nature”, and recalled when he won his first Grand Slam title in 1992, his father disapproved of his game that day, saying “You had no business losing that fourth set”. While there are several overbearing parents in sport, there’s also caring ones like Dell Curry, father of two time MVP NBA Star, Stephen Curry. A father who lets his son play his sport even though he was a known athlete back in the 90’s, he’s always in attendance for the games, and never has talked wrongly of his son, he’s there to support him at everything he accomplishes. The role of sport parent essentially is to be a parent, care for their child, attend their games, be active in their life and let their children do the work which would be handling the fame
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Turn them into a brand, the Ball brand, guide them to several shoe deals and in the process, NBA stardom. The process has been successful so far with Lonzo on his way to play in the NBA next season, with some ex-players saying he has the ability to become one of the leagues top passers. LiAngelo, is still unclear about his pro future as a power forward and LaMelo is too young to draw a conclusion on him, but the talent is there and he’s on his way to become an elite recruit for Chino
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