Overcoming Adversity At The Workplace

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Overcoming adversity is part of life. You will always face some kind of problem that you have to solve or overcome. It could be easy or it could be hard it all depends on how you view it. You could face problems at work, school, at home, in your personal life, love life anywhere and everywhere. There are many challenges the average person faces at their workplace. At an average work environment employees take on different challenge whether it be for their job or personal problems. Dealing with co-workers can be a difficult task for example if a co-worker is constantly at you will rude comments and essentially bullying you, it may be difficult to enjoy working there. Some of your co-workers might even be hard to work with because they’re either…show more content…
For example you could be a victim to bullying of different forms. Having peers call you names or push you around in hallways or outside can be challenging form most kids our age. Talking to someone older like your parents are teachers are the best way to solve this problem, but if it doesn’t change even with the adult intervention you might have to take things into your own hands. Another form of bullying is cyber-bullying where people are attacked online. It can be done through social media, texting, gaming all of those types of things. Most kids are too afraid to tell about it because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves or hurt their loved ones. Again talk to an adult someone you trust a lot and tell them about these things because they can do something about it. It’s not just bullying a child could face at school but they could have problems with their teachers. A teacher could have a very strong disliking for you or finds enjoyment in making fun of you or having an impact on your grades. Your best bet would be to go to the principal or the administrators and tell them about the problems you 're having with the teacher because they are the most likely people to do something about it. If your teacher is sexually harassing you it could be a big problem as well, again talk to the people of higher status. For some people peers and teachers are not a problem but the work they actually have to do is. Some subjects or topics can be challenging and hard to learn, you might be stressed out about how it’s going to affect you in the future. Due dates, test marks, big projects all of those things can be an obstacle for many people 's minds. If you 're having problems with school work talk to teachers or parents they may be able to take the workload off a bit or deal with it yourself, work harder to understand the concept or ask questions, study for upcoming tests, don’t stress so much
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