Personal Essay: How Adversity Changed My Life

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Facing and, moreover, overcoming adversity is an immense obstacle to encounter. No matter how big or how small, problems in life will always be present. My life in particular has been full of up and downs related especially towards my health. Adversity has played a major role in my life when I got a concussion which altered my personality and well-being which could be seen in my athletic, academic, and social life.
It’s crazy how your world can be turned upside down in a blink of an eye. One day it seems you’re perfectly healthy going about your daily routine, then, the next day a traumatic blow to the head causing a brain injury can transform the way you live. Before my initial accident in February of 2016, I went to see my pediatrician once a year for a yearly check up. After the accident, I had seen an athletic trainer, pediatrician, concussion specialist, CT technologist, vestibular rehabilitation therapist, physical therapist, chiropractor, and
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From personal experiences I am aware and accept that hardships are inevitable in life because adversity is a part of life. When responding positively to my biggest challenges, the qualities of strength, courage, character and perseverance emerged from deep inside me. Every challenge we successfully face serves to strengthen ourselves as people. The reason the journey to college is in my life is because it will allow me to gain responsibility for myself to achieve bigger and better things on my own in the future, also authorizing me to gain insight about myself, and learning social skills with my peers around me. Grades do not determine intelligence, but effort is the biggest key. Effort and perseverance will help me gain new perspectives about the world around me allowing me to strive to obtain new knowledge about what I want to pursue in life, and without the opportunity of going to college none of that would be
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