Overcoming Adversity Essay

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Overcoming Adversity Your troubles should never define you, what defines your character is your ability to handle the adversity you are faced with. It is because of this that you must understand the many types of adversity you may face in your life. Furthermore, once you understand the types of adversity that exist you can arm yourself with the necessary tools and techniques required to overcome. Consider the following types of adversity and how you can overcome them. Physical Adversity. Perhaps the most obvious example of physical adversity would be a physical disability. Whether it’s someone who is paralyzed after an accident or someone who was born with their physical disability. For the former, there is a lot of change with the new challenges…show more content…
Our ability to interact with others has a great deal of impact on our success stories. Be honest, even for the more anti-social among us, life is lonely without good friends. Who do you turn to when you have good news to share? Whose shoulder do you cry on when adversity comes your way? A lack of social skills a disadvantage and people who are awkward socially also struggle, professionally and personally. It may be as easy as a self-help book with tips on how to improve your social skills, but there are ways to overcome your social adversity. Spiritual Adversity. Whether your higher power is the human spirit or a god, there is something powerful in a sense of community and fellowship. For many people, this is an important aspect of life, so when they face spiritual adversity it can be life altering. The most effective way to overcome it is by getting back to the core of your faith, why do you believe what you do? There are times when the adversity you face falls under more the one of the categories discussed above. Often you will face spiritual adversity when faced with another type of adversity, or your physical adversity breeds mental adversity. You may also find that due to financial adversity you face social adversity or vice versa. The suggestions listed above can be applied to your situation regardless of how multi-pronged the adversity is. Many of the strategies cross over and you can mix and match them until you find the optimum method to managing your
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