Overcoming Adversity In Adeline's Life

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Adeline is the fifth youngest child of the Yen family and the protagonist of the novel. The book follows her childhood from the age of four to her departure to England in her early teens. Adeline is an outcast in the eyes of much of her own family, since her birth brought upon the death of her mother.
Her role in her mother's passing causes hatred between her and her older siblings and contributes to her father's disregard towards her. Aunt Baba and YeYe were the only family members who really cared for Adeline. Although her siblings and Stepmother Niang often abuse her, Adeline attempts to overcome these challenges.
Adeline’s first experience of adversity in her life started from the day she was born. Her siblings told her everyday that, “If you had not been born, Mamma would still be alive. She died because of you. You are bad luck.” Adeline reacts to this situation by telling herself that she is going to make her family proud. She is going to do this by getting good grades at school so they will forgive her. Therefore, she did get good grades and a medal.
Her Father was proud of her but Second Brother got jealous, hit her and said, “Because i feel like it, that’s why, you ugly
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Her Father showed her the newspaper which announced the winner. It said Adeline Yeh Mah. She won the competition. Her father congratulated her and said, “We are proud of you”. Father also said he was quite pleased to tell people that you are my daughter, “For once, he was proud of me.” said Adeline. Adeline's dreams had come true. Her Father is so proud of her he is letting her go to university in England to study. Adeline for once in her life said ,“ How marvellous it was simply to be alive!”. Adeline thought that life was abominable and it would be like that forever but she overcame adversity and moved on by sticking to a plan. She made a better life for herself . Adeline is now a Chinese, American author and
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