The Importance Of Adversity In Alex Rider '

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Many times, in your life you will find yourself fighting against adversity, whether its physical or mental adversity, you will have to find the courage to overcome it. I read the book, Alex Rider, by Anthony Horowitz and throughout the novel the main character Alex undergoes many struggles and urges himself to fight through them. After reading this book I have come to a realization that the theme is to overcome adversity because of the many times Alex has encountered these moments. The points I will be explaining to you are his unfortunate events building up in his mental state, and his willingness to not give up when his body is telling him to.

Alex shows his great characteristics by fighting against adversity right from the start of the
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During training Alex undergoes tons of physical pain, having his body tell him that he cannot go any further. "Alex hurt. The 22-pound bergen backpack that he had been forced to wear cut into his shoulders and had rubbed blisters into his back"(Horowitz 57). Although Alex 's body told him he could not go, he knew in himself that he needed to for his squad, and that is exactly what he did. Alex kept finding the strength inside of himself even thought he was at such a disadvantage being little and only 14 years old. Another example of fighting adversity is the sheer fact of Alex being 14. Alex is by far the youngest spy and is often over thought during his encounters. Many people doubted his well doings and thought Alex was worthless but ends up saving thousands upon thousands of lives.

After reading, Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz I have understood that although we will be at many disadvantages during our life, we just have to face it and fight through it without complaints. Alex shows this right off the bat being the best he can although going through the death of all he had left, his uncle. Alex also shows his physical adversity struggling through tough challenges and being very young for his duty but this does not affect him. Yes, fighting mental and physical adversity is hard but it is a perfect way to find yourself deep down and understanding

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