Overcoming Adversity In Along Way Gone

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Many people can respond to adversity in a similar way to overcome the obstacles. For example, how people can adapt to their environment, and learn the positivity from family and friends can help them surpass the adversity. In There are No Children Here, Alex Kotlowitz has showed the life of Lafayette and Pharoah Rivers living through the violent projects of "Henry Honer Projects" and how the boys dealt with all the crime activities that occur there. In Along Way Gone, Ishmael describe the tragedies he had went through in the Sierra Leone War, and explained different ways how he overcomes the different obstacles that he had to deal with. For example, war like environment, loss of his friends and family, and rehabilitation center. Both Lafayette Rivers and Ishmael overcomes adversity by…show more content…
Since being exposed to dangerous community filled with drugs and gangs, Lafayette is able understand at a young age many boys do become associated with the violent crimes. When talking to another friend Lafayette said, "There are a lot of people in the project to say they're not going to do drugs... that they won't be on the streets. But then they're doing it now never say never." He paused, "but I say never. My brothers ain't set no good example for me but I'll set a good sample for them" (Kotlowitz 29). This explains how Lafayette is trying to go beyond than what is expected in his society because he does not want to be apart of any crime related activities. A way Lafayette would likely want to improve his lifestyle by being more involved in the education system instead of being one of the high percentage
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