Overcoming Adversity In 'Miracle In The Andes'

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I’m going to start with a definition of adversity. Adversity is difficulty and misfortune. In the following paragraphs are examples of people who had diversity and a quote about adversity. And how they worked through it. In almost any example of an adversity the thing that keeps people going for their loved ones. Because people do the best and more when they do it for someone else. It's easier to keep going and not self pity when there's someone else to fight for. To take that next step, when it feels like you can't take one more. Here are some examples of Adversity. When I first thought of overcoming adversity I thought of the book “Miracle in the Andes”. I’m going to write about how Nando overcame diversity. (Nando is one of the survivors who survived this plane crash.) Nando has a lot of diversity in this accident, first one I’m going to talk about how his best friend got killed. The whole team was on their way to Chile. Nando was sitting by the window and his friend was on the other side. His friend wanted to look out the window so they…show more content…
“Success is 99 percent failure” - Soichiro. It is a very small quote, but it says and means more than when some could try to do with a thousand words. There are many things this quote could mean. It could mean that you can’t know success without failure. Or you success wouldn’t seem so great. It would just be regular. And during your mistakes you can learn from them. Learn the things that you would of never learned if you would of done it right the first time. Take everything you can from it. During when you're failing it teaches you a couple things. Like how to keep going even when everything seems bad. When it doesn’t feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel. This quote is the light at the end of that dark creepy tunnel. It can help you through any situation. You just have to find the way that it relates. This quote is very inspirational. So always keep it with
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