Overcoming Adversity In Richard Connell's 'The Sniper'

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Adversity is something that causes someone issues,problems,and difficulties. It affects everyone in a different way, it could make someone turn their life around or lead to more problems. In the short story “The Most Dangerous Game”, by Richard Connell, the character Rainsford was being faced with a challenge that put his life at risk. Rainsford got stranded on an island where he met General Zaroff who was planning to hunt him. Luckily, Rainsford was an experienced hunter, but The General had a lot more resources. In “The Sniper”, by Liam O’Flaherty, the main character has to protect himself from other gunfire that was being shot at him, while already being shot. During this time he had to stay covered and find a way to get off the roof without…show more content…
“Then he thought of a plan”(O’Flaherty 2), this is the part of “The Sniper” , is when the main character had to think of a way to escape the roof to get some help for his arm that had been shot, but also making sure he does not get shot again. This helped the main character overcome adversity by making him stronger. Since he was hurt he had to think of a plan, or eventually his enemies would have found him and killed him. Also, while making the plan he had to stay calm so enemies would not find him no matter how amount of how much pain he was in. Fortunately, when his plan worked he eventually tricked his rival into thinking that he was dead when really he was waiting for him to walk by and then the main character got ready to shoot his rival. In the other short story “The Most Dangerous Game” says, “An idea that held a wild chance came to him, and, tightening his belt, he headed away from the swamp”, before this event Rainsford thought he only had two options to escape and they were only win -lose situations,thinking that their was no way he could make it out. Instead, he went out of his way to think of a new option that may actually be a
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