Overcoming Adversity

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Adversity is a big part of life that is a challenge that I think everyone will face at least once in their lifetime. Every single day this impacts people's lives positively and negatively. I am going to tell you about different people facing different types of adversity in real life. The people who faced this is Shackleton’s crew, a rugby team and myself. All three are very different on the ways they deal with it and in the problems that they faced.

Imagine what it would be like to be the first person ever to accomplish something great that has never been accomplished. A team of people attempted to be the first ever crew to sail from one side of the Antarctic to the other but their trip did not go as planned. This past year
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A big obstacle in my life was when my parents divorced. I wasn’t like my other sisters who wanted to live with just one parent, I wanted to live with both. I overcame this by just spending one week at a time with one parent and then it worked out. I thought everything was okay until my Mom decided she was going to move to a different town. I did not want to have to choose where to go by just picking one parent over the other so the best thing that I thought that I could do was list all the pros and cons of living with each parent and there was more pros to living with my Dad just because I was already settled in that town so I thought it would be better. That is how I overcame that obstacle. School is something that I’ve never really faced any huge obstacles in. At one point I had some problems with my teacher. The problems weren’t anything serious but there was always some sort of tension between us was what it felt like. For example I would always get on this teacher’s nerves and make them angry and I would feel like because of that sometimes the teacher would single me out for things that I felt I didn’t need to be singled out o. In the end I decided that the best thing I could do for myself and my teacher was just put the past behind me and start trying to do my best and just get over the past because school was more important than what the teacher thought of
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