Overcoming Challenges In Everyday Life

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Essay 1 Overcoming obstacles is a crucial part of everyday life so that we can continuously succeed in life. When we overcome obstacles we grow our understanding of the world and the people in it which helps us succeed in life. I had to overcome an obstacle in grade seven which affected my ability to write finals. I also recently finished a TV show that was based of a book called Thirteen Reasons Why where she wasn’t able to overcome her obstacles in her highschool years. Earlier in the year I read a book called “Mrs. Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children” by Ransom Riggs where the children were faced with many obstacles they had to overcome. These are all examples of people who were faced with obstacles even though sometimes they weren’t able to overcome them. In June of 2015 I was riding my scooter when I fell and hurt my wrist. We didn’t want to go to the hospital because we weren't sure if it was broken. The next day at school I had to perform a dance in front of our class. We were dancing to “California Gurls” and the dance was going well until I had to do the worm. I got on the floor and started…show more content…
Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children. This book is about a Teenager named Jacob whose grandfather calls his family and tells them that they’re here. The family just thinks he hasn’t taken his medication until they arrive at his house. Jacob finds his grandpa without eyes and is very confused and scared. Jacob remembers the stories his grandfather told him and wants to go to his childhood home to find the peculiar children he would talk about. He convinces his dad to take him but the house is completely destroyed he comes back the next day and sees some of children. He runs into a cave in fear and goes into a time loop where the peculiars live. Everything is going fine until the “monsters” come they have to run from the house and fight the “monsters”. This ends up coming to a life or death
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