Personal Experience: Losing My Freshman Year Of High School

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Many people face challenges that they have too over-come in live. A challenge I had to over-come was losing my father freshman year of high school. Losing any parent is tough, but I felt like it was more of a challenge for me. What made this difficult for me was that it was my first year of high school and that's one of your most important years in school. I had a lot of work to catch up on because I had missed a lot of days at school. It was around exam time, so I had to work extremely hard to get caught up on my work. Also, I had to study for my exams so that I could pass all my classes. During all of this I was facing problems at the house, so I was trying to balance everything out. At this point I was overwhelmed with school and everything else that was going on around me. I started separating myself from people so that I could focus on my work. Losing my father freshman year was a challenge for me because I was missing a lot of days in school. I had too makeup classwork, homework and on top of that it was around exam time. So, I was extremely stressed out because all the work I had to do. What made this so hard was me trying to balance school and issues at home. One my first day back at school my teachers were…show more content…
At the beginning, I was missing a lot of days and had a lot of catching up to do. But I was able to get all my makeup work done study and past all my exams. I was working very hard at school because I didn't want my father death to be the reason why I didn't past the 9th grade. I stayed after school, asked for help and even had my own personal tutor. Even though there was a lot going on at home, I still was able to get all my work completed by the time it was due. If you are just starting out in high school and one of your parents died and things get tough don't let that distract you from going to school. If you ever experience what I went through you should work hard in school, don't get

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