Overcoming Failure In College

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Being open to new ideas is important for a person to be able to develop new skills, ideas, and perspectives. Taking in new ideas can help shape a person’s opinion, but it cannot take away from their own ideas. One area I can apply this to is being on a hockey team. We come together each and every game to do the best we can as a team. However, things do not always go smoothly, and we need to adjust. My coach may suggest to me to try something new, and shake it up. I may choose to use his idea, but it will not change my game as a whole. The same can be said when talking about politics, one friend of mine might share his view on one subject, but I may have another idea, nevertheless I will still take his viewpoint into consideration and keep it in the back of my head.
Failure is always going to happen in a lifetime, the best way to combat failure is to go back to the drawing board and come up with a new idea. A moment of failure in my school work occurred freshman year of highschool, when I did not do well on a math test. The way I combated the failure was, to study hard the rest of the quarter and get good grades to try to bring my grade back to an A. However, despite my efforts I only got it to a B+. Failure is just a part of life and it is all about how us as people come back from it and get stronger.
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Mental illness has surrounded loved ones around me and I am all too familiar with it. They all struggle with getting and keeping a job. What I would do to help is provide those dealing with mental illness, with a stable job to try to help them get through their struggle. I feel that the honors college will allow me to make those strides to grow my knowledge of business and the world around me to put me in a position to help others when I
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