Overcoming Failure Research Paper

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Have you ever failed in life? I know I have and, believe it or not, some of the greatest people in history failed many times before succeeding. Failing is an important part of success, you know that quote “Minor setback for a major comeback”, That’s saying its okay to fail, but if you keep working hard and don 't stop believing you will be succeed but even bigger than expected, it will be major.
When I was younger, I was very smart, I didn 't realize that until middle school. I soon started to think that I was the smartest kid in my school, with that being said I never did my homework, and hardly did my school work because I thought I was too smart and I already knew everything I was to supposed to know. Somehow I passed the sixth grade with that mindset, so when I got to seventh grade and had “honors” classes, I hardly knew anything. I would compare myself to everybody else and realize I was not the “smartest” anymore. It was very difficult, my grades were dropping, it was the worst year ever. After that horrible year was over, I went to the next grade,
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Ben Carson was a poor African American that lived in Detroit, Michigan. He had a mother that had a lack of knowledge. He was not the smartest when he was young, he was at the bottom of his class his first years of school. His mother pushed him to the edge for him to become the best. By the eighth grade he was at the top of his class, and an american lady even made a comment to the other white students about letting a “negro” out do them. Soon Carson attended Yale university and became a brain surgeon. Later in 1987 Ben separated conjoined twins, that were connected at the head. He had received 3 huge awards, Spingarn Medal (2006) , The Ford’s Theatre Lincoln Medal (2008), and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Without failure, we would not have some of the things we can 't live without now. You will never fail as long as you never give up. Many of the greatest people living on earth failed before they got up
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