Overcoming Fear

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1.) Identify a fear that has prevented you from achieving the desired goal. Discuss a time where you overcame a fear that led to growth or success.
My biggest fear has been my anxiety and fear of failure. No matter where I would go or what I would do I had to overcome that anxiety just, so I could open that front door and go outside. I had let it hold me back in the past and it had stopped me from doing so much that I wanted to do. When I started classes at our local college, Central Alabama Community College, I use to be terrified to get out of the car and go inside. I had the fear of being judged based on my age, height, weight, clothes, etc. One evening my children asked me when was I going to start going back to school, I always responding
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In the end, being able to face my fears head on, I was able to be alone with just my children and I in our own place. It has forced me to be successful in making my own decisions and become confident in them. My success is that I can go to school now, work a part-time job, have help at home with our children and the household duties. It may not seem like much to most but to me overcoming the small fears have led me to believe that I can overcome any obstacle that comes our way, together, as a team. Yes, I went through a difficult divorce at a hard time in life. Seven years later facing my worst fear and soul-searching, I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, an amazing stepfather to my own children, father of 2 more wonderful children and a big family who will always stand beside, not behind, me and walk with me through my journey of life in AIU and other life goals. Being able to get the support from my husband has helped me overcome my anxiety and lead me down a path of life that I can be proud of and have the feeling of self worth and self love. My husband has helped me overcome my anxiety by providing a stable life for us. He went with me to see my…show more content…
1.) As Michael Jordan stated in his last paragraph “who become I am ready to accept failure. Everyone may fail. But I don’t want to say that I don’t try.”
From my personal experiences, you will never know if you will fail or not if you don’t push yourself to try and find out. So with that being said face your fears head-on. Swallow your pride and take that leap of faith. Enter into that next class and prove you have what it takes to be successful.
2.) For my second strategy, I would recommend that you and I should learn our self-worth. In Unit 3, Self-Worth & Being Successful Ramp Up Activity, Dr. Christina Hibbert described her way of learning self-worth by using a pyramid structure.
At the bottom of the pyramid, it started with Self-Awareness. In self-awareness, you find your strengths and weaknesses.
The middle of the pyramid it has Self-acceptance which is where you learn to accept your strengths and weaknesses.
Last but not least at the top you have Self Love. Self Love is where you learn to love yourself and begin to make sure your needs are meet in
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