Overcoming Hopelessness In Amc's The Walking Dead

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Overcoming hopelessness can be one of the greatest challenges that a person is faced with in their life. Without hope we lose the very thing that makes us human, our ability to overcome our obstacles. It is that same challenge of maintaining hope which is clearly evident in the AMC show, The Walking Dead. A show that is more than just a series about a zombie apocalypse, it is the story of a group of people who are stripped away from the commonalities of life, faced to overcome obstacles in order to maintain their hope and sanity. A story that any person with any type of mental health disorder can relate to. A story that I can relate to. The story of how I suffered with depression for a vast majority of my life. A story in which I battled so…show more content…
“The weak get taken” (The Walking Dead, Episode 4: Vatos) something put so eloquently by one of the men they ran across while back in Atlanta trying to rescue Merle. The realistic component of strong vs weak only grows with more vigor as the first season unravels because life stops for no one, things will continue to occur whether you’re in or out. A concept that at the height of my depression I just couldn’t fathom. I naively believed that the world would stop long enough for me to get my shit together—it never did. Dealing with depression meant a lot of things for me and among a vast majority of those things it meant that I lacked the desire to move forward with my life. My inevitability to move forward nevertheless crippled me into my own demise. I was in a very dark place where almost everything felt lucid like a dream. Much like Rick Grimes when he wakes up with no idea of how much time has passed since his hospitalization, awoken to realize that his life has changed and not sure what he can do to change that. When we lose the concept of time bedlam is inevitable, but keeping time is extremely tedious when you have no motivation to move forward. When you’re depressed you go days sometimes weeks not knowing what day of the week it is, all the days collide and mesh and slowly before you realize it you no longer function
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