Overcoming Obstacles Analysis

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Overcoming obstacles is an important part of any task, insignificant, or earth shattering, consider the example of Terry Fox. This young man traveled across Canada even though he faced not only cancer but the loss of his leg. Through his perseverance and determination he managed to defy the odds and achieve his dream. This young man shows the crucial nature of overcoming obstacles by demonstrating the sense of achievement, accomplishment of goals, and the work ethic that coincides with said achievement and accomplishment. When one finally manages to turn something in on a deadline after hours of hard labor, or completing a difficult crossword puzzle after a morning cup of coffee they feel fulfilled. Through the conclusion of both minor or major tasks, we feel satisfaction and enjoyment, not because of the final product, but because of the journey there. Everybody has felt this contentment, but without actively trying to achieve your goals and conquer your…show more content…
Whether it 's cleaning the house or starting a business, you will encounter obstructions to that very goal. It may be small and insignificant but if one doesn 't take the time to understand that said hurdle has to be leaped, you may not be able to achieve the goal you set out to complete. Without obstacles every task would be meaningless and goals wouldn 't have to be set, but when you commit to a goal you commit to undergoing the hardships achieving the goal brings with it. Take for example buying a cup of coffee. You can 't have that coffee unless you get into your car and drive to the coffee shop, the goal would never be completed and you 'd be out a cup of coffee. Even though this seems trivial, it applies to anything you do, which definitely shows one of the key facets of the importance of overcoming obstacles. Finally, the work ethic attained by overcoming complications is one of the most valued things anyone can
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