Overcoming Obstacles Become Something Good Or Bad?

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I do believe that every obstacle or disadvantage can turn into something good. Whatever obstacle that is thrown at us we always have to find a way to solve it out,they always may seem like the impossible but everything is fixable. So with that being said, yes every obstacle or disadvantage can turn into something better. Some people say that obstacles like that or having disadvantages can’t turn into something good. They say it makes people even fear more because they are scared and don’t think they have a way out of it. It may affect people in thinking that everything bad happens to them and life isn’t fair with them. On the other hand, I think that’s not correct. I think it helps them get more motivated to know that they can overcome any obstacle they want whenever they feel like it. Just how people say it may cause them to fear having those obstacles it also motivates them to get better and overcome them.…show more content…
For example, when I first got in volleyball my first year which was sixth grade,I was probably the worst player since I had never played before. Consequently,I felt embarrassed going to practice or doing a skill in front of the coaches because I knew I wasn’t the best. In effect, that made me get inspired to practice more and get good at it. I started going more to open gym and would go to camps and other places where they would do off season. As a result, I ended up getting better and knowing more about the skills that I didn’t know as much or how to do them correctly. As you can see, I was able to overcome this obstacle because i put in a lot of work and dedication. I wanted to get better at it so I did. I worked hard and never gave up on something I believed I could achieve if i wanted it so

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