Overcoming Obstacles In A Worn Path By Eudora Welty

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Overcoming obstacles In the short story “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty the protagonist Phoenix must overcome many different types of obstacles in order to obtain the medicine that is needed for her grandson. She must overcome physical, emotional, and mental obstacles on her long journey into town. These obstacles all hindered her progress, but in the end she was able to prevail due to her perseverance and determination. On her journey into town Phoenix must overcome many physical obstacles. Her age and partial blindness play a large part in the difficulty of her journey. She must walk with a cane and can barley see the path ahead of her. To her benefit though, she has walked this path many times and knows the way well. She comes upon a log that she must cross, a thorn bush that snags her dress, uphill terrain, falls into a ditch, and not being able to tie her shoes. Additionally, she must transcend her mental obstacles, such as her failing memory. For example, upon…show more content…
Phoenix was very poor and could not afford the medicine needed for her grandson. Due to the kindness of the doctor though she was able to obtain it. Also due to her being indigent she could not afford to get anything for her grandson for Christmas, but she was able to overcome this also. Upon hearing her story the attendant felt bad for her and gave her a nickel to purchase something for her grandson for Christmas. She also was able to obtain another nickel that the hunter dropped that she did not mention and picked up when he had left. Although Phoenix had to over come physical, mental and financial obstacles, she was still able to complete her journey and obtain the medicine needed for her grandson. She knew that she was the only one that her grandson could count on to obtain the medicine needed to relieve his suffering due to his lye poisoning. This gave her the motivation to continue on and overcome all the obstacles that were put in her

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