Overcoming Obstacles In Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees

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In the novel The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver, Taylor faces many obstacles. Throughout the obstacles that Taylor faces she grows and changes into a new person unlike the one that she was before. Taylor is a girl who does not want to be stuck in her home state of Kentucky any longer. She leaves her mother in Kentucky to try and find a way to create herself a new life. Becoming a mother so quickly and helping Esperanza and Estevan are obstacles that Taylor faces during trying to start her new life. Since she faces some obstacles she grows to become more loving and more selfless.
Taylor has faced many obstacles as she starts her new life and leaves behind some parts of her old life. Becoming a mother so quickly and helping Estevan and
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As Taylor begins this new chapter in her life she becomes selfless and more loving. Her new selflessness allows for Taylor to grow and change as she lives this new chapter in her life. Taylor care about herself about she also cares about Lou Ann just as much. Lou Ann is always putting herself down and is very insecure about her image. Taylor always tries “to be positive with her, although I’d learned that even compliments” seemed to be insulting to Lou Ann (103). Even though Taylor and Lou Ann just met a few months ago Taylor really care about her. Family is not just the people who you are related to it is also the people who love and care for you all the time. Taylor thinks of Lou Ann as a part of her family and care about her as if she was actually related to her. Now with Turtle in her possession, Taylor wants to provide nothing but safety for her. One day when Taylor was coming home from work, she could sense that something was wrong. Something seemed off as she walked towards the house and “I knew right away that something had gone wrong” (173). Her first instinct was that something was wrong with Turtle. Her new maternal instincts began to kick in and she wanted to know exactly what was wrong. Turtle is her main priority in her life now and she cannot help be worry about her because of her past. In her old
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