Overcoming Obstacles In College

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College is the place where many young people come to be successful and find themselves. Through this journey will come many obstacles one must overcome. Some of these obstacles may include friendships, overwhelming classes, anxiety, and time management. But would you ever think that technology would be one of those obstacles? Technology is becoming a very important aspect in college. With a high number of classes requiring online homework, the connection should be up to standard. Most classes require online work to be done and due at a certain time. Since technology is an important aspect in college, you would think that universities would have high quality internet connection or Wi-Fi. This is not the case. I have trouble with the internet connection at my school on a daily basis. With no stable internet connection, it is very hard to complete assignments and have them complete by the due date. This is a very serious problem that can lead to low grades and academic failure. These are just few of the many problems that non-stable internet connection can cause and this issue need to be fixed as soon as possible. The slow Wi-Fi connection problem is well known in the dorms. It is a problem that most students deal with daily. Since this a common problem, I surveyed as many people who live in the dorms as I can. From…show more content…
With the use of technology on the rise in many universities and colleges, the quality of Wi-Fi should connection should also be improving. Many classes are requiring students to also purchase materials required online to compete homework and study guides. Without the use of the internet, it is impossible to access these resources that are needed for success. In the new age of college, Wi-Fi is just as important as buying books for a class, so without a decent quality of Wi-Fi, a student is going to be faced with multiple problems trying to be
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