Overcoming Obstacles In High School

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“What do we live for if its not to make life less difficult for each other?” Many of us students struggle throughout High School with parents getting divorced, loosing a loved one, teenage pregnancy, and family issues etc. These obstacles shouldn’t get in the way of continuing with life and furthering in our education and future. No one has it easy that’s why being a mentor for students my age and younger meant a difference in the world. Making it a little easier for students not to always see the bad was my goal. Motivating them to achieve great things and to overcome the obstacles life brings. This wasn’t a community service to me because motivating others is something I enjoy doing. Before the service I’ve mentored students since…show more content…
Campbell to volunteer in mentoring students . We did a training program in the summer we met up in school and discussed different ways to help students. We worked on questions they might ask and what’s the best answer to give them. We played games that would help them feel more comfortable and be able to express themselves. When we returned back to school we had a meeting to gather all the mentors and discuss our plan with meeting with our mentis. Then we had a day with our mentis. All mentors and mentis got out of second and third period to gather up in Spartan hall. We played games for example: banana and I like my neighbor. We did so many fun activities which had all of us laughing and having a good time. Then we spoke with our mentis in classes we can help them and how they shouldn’t give up because that’s not a solution to life. After this was done I kept in touch with my mentis. I would go to there classes to see if they were doing good I would help them with there subjects mainly geometry and chemistry. They would tell me the problems they would have how it was affecting them and I would help them resolve there problems. Being a mentor is a blessing im not going to stop helping students in need because no one should go through high school
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