Overcoming Obstacles In Joy Kogawa's The Awakening

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As Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “For every obstacle there is a solution. Persistence is the key. The greatest mistake is giving up!” The gate, ladder and door are symbolic of solutions that one can use in this scenario to overcome the obstacle. Joy Kogawa implies that this is the more peaceful method and "the right way" to approach this obstacle.

The rockets, bombs and battering rams are symbolic of a brutal procedure that one can use to overcome this obstacle. Furthermore, they suggest death, devastation and sheer destruction. Joy Kogawa implies that this is the easier method, however, "the wrong way" to approach this obstacle. Reaching your goal is never impossible. However, this poem exemplifies that there is always two ways of reaching a goal: the "the right way", where even if it takes longer to accomplish your goal, nobody is going to get hurt, or "the wrong path", where individuals get what they desire, however, the path may not be pleasant for everyone.
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That is why Joy Kogawa writes, “I hear every sound you make but cannot see you.” This portrays the idea of God guiding the boy by his voice. Again, this would be “right path” that one should follow to reach your goals and overcome their
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