Overcoming Obstacles In Madam Loisel's The Necklace

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We all experience obstacles throughout life, that impact us strongly. Hardships help us strive as a person by, teaching us valuable lessons and learning from the past. In “The Necklace” Madam Loisel and her husband couldn’t afford much, but that didn’t stop her from desiring a lot. They weren’t wealthy, so when borrowing an “extravagent” jewl goes wrong, it puts their liability in high demand. The couple went from poor to very poor,and now Madam Loisel has to work which she’s never done before. Doing so taught her you can’t always have whatever you want, you have to earn your share. Which shows she had to step out of her comfort zone and work to gain what they've lost to overcome their past. In “The Blind Side”, Michael Ore goes from

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