Overcoming Obstacles In Movies

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As people go through obstacles they learn from them and sometimes move past them. The obstacles are always their to remember. As you learn more and more about a person then you get the real idea of their obstacles. You never know how they were in that moment until you really stepped in their shoes. People are faced with obstacles and overcome them everyday even the people who you think have such great lives go through them just as much.
Robert Downey Jr. is an actor that has appeared in many movies. Some of those movies are Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, Avengers, and Spider Man: Homecoming. 1996 was when it all started with Robert Downey Jr. when he was arrested for the possession of heroin and cocaine. After missing many court dates he was sentenced to three years in prison in 1999, but only ended up going for a year. In 2003 Downey was arrested many times for drugs. He went in and out of jail many times that year. It was hard for Downey to get a another job in a film until he starred in the movie The Singing Detective with the help of Mel Gibson. In 2008 was when he started starring in the bigger films like Iron Man and Tropic Thunder. Downey then became a big actor for the marvel series.
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fought the addiction and moved past those hard times for him. Downey was a option for me because I 've always loved the Marvel movies. Robert Downey Jr. does not seem like a person that would have been into drugs or anything like that. With how Downey 's acting career goes you would think he gets jobs so easily. Then when you learn about how things were back then it changes your perspective on him. You never know the real story of things or why they happen. From reading about him on websites and watching the videos those things that the people say aren 't always true. Having my own opinion on him still hasn 't changed because he fought through those bad times and that 's an

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