Overcoming Obstacles In Samuel Johnson's Life

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Just imagine a partially blind toddler trying to find his way home by crawling on all fours to avoid nooks and crannies that would hurt them. Well, this is what toddler Samuel Johnson did. If you seen a partially blind toddler trying to make it home by themselves, what would you do? Well, Johnson’s late arriving babysitter just followed him secretly to see how far he could go. That didn’t last long, only because Johnson realized she was following him. But, this short story shows a great deal of independence Johnson was quickly gaining. Which helped him throughout his life, because of the difficult obstacles he had encountered. Despite his life obstacles, he still managed to pull through and be successful.
Samuel Johnson was born on September
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He got married to an older woman named Elizabeth Porter, who was was 21 years older than he was. He tried to become a schoolmaster, but that didn’t work, out for him because he didn’t have a degree. In 1737, he left and went to London, where he found himself a job as a writer. In addition to writing book reviews and derivative biographies, at one point he was assigned the task of writing thinly disguised reports of the debates in Parliament (Brief Biography, 2016).
Moreover, he started to get noticed for his work, like his poems “London,” and, “The Vanity of Human Wishes.” His poems were written in 1738 and 1749, but in the 1750’s he became a master at writing. He written 4 stories in one decade. In 1752, his wife died, which postponed him on some of his work, but he still managed to get them finished. Later on, Johnson met James Boswell in 1763 in Thomas Davies bookstore and they quickly became friends. While they were talking, Boswell took notes and made a landmark biography of Johnson called, “The Life of Samuel Johnson.” Samuel Johnson died in 1762, 32 years after his wife had died.
In conclusion, Samuel Johnson Life was quite difficult, but because of ability to quickly grasp on new material, he managed to make it work. Plus, the knowledge and independence he gained throughout the years. He was really successful, despite the obstacles he to to
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