Overcoming Obstacles In The Cat And The Mice

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The tale, “The Cat and The Mice,” is an old Tibetan folktale that can be likened to Tom and Jerry, a cat and mouse battle, each trying to thwart the other. “The Cat and The Mice” has two common elements of a folktale, an obstacle that the characters have to overcome and animals exhibiting human attributes. Both of the two sides,the cat and the mice, of this story face an obstacle. The story begins with the cat embracing his age, “But as time passed, she found that she was growing old and infirm and that it was becoming more difficult for her to catch the same number of mice as before.“ The cat, in her advancing age was no longer able to feed herself at the same frequency as she had become accustomed to. To combat this she decided to craft a new plan to catch the mice, which in turn became the mice obstacle, “The cunning old cat had arranged this little plan very carefully. As soon as the procession had all passed by with the exception of one little mouse, she suddenly seized the last mouse in her claws without the other mice noticing what had happened, and devoured it at her leisure.” The cat found a simple way to get around the obstacle of her age by counting on the mice dropping their guard when going through the procession. However, the mice were able to counter this with a clever tactic of their own “So…show more content…
Meanwhile, the cat in the beginning of the story, she turned to religion: “It is my intention now to give myself up entirely to religious contemplation and no longer to molest you.” Religion is a uniquely human creation and form of organization, by making the cat turn to religion, the author humanized the
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