Overcoming Obstacles In The Short Film 'Lost Property'

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Lost Property

The short film Lost Property, by Asa Lucander is a unique love story. The film is built around an elderly man that has Alzheimer’s disease. The man’s wife would bring him pictures of miscellaneous objects in order to bring back little parts of his memory. Her plan remains unsuccessful until he catches sight of their wedding ring. Lucander is expressing the fragility of the human mind and the importance of memories. Through faith and persistence true love will overcome any obstacle.

The couple in Lost Property prove to be a magnificent example of overcoming obstacles through true love. The film emphasizes several mood changes that are important to the role of the film. The woman enters the scene very optimistic and excited to help her husband. After countless attempts, she slowly begins to lose hope in her husband’s memory. The mood of the film shifts slowly from optimism to hopelessness. The lifeless mood shows how Alzheimer’s disease deeply affects so many families negatively. Although the woman was losing hope, she stayed persistent with her goal. Her final attempt of showing her husband their wedding ring proves successful. The picture of his wedding ring reminded him of the deepest memories that would never fully vanish.
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Rocky is one of the most inspirational movies of all time. The main character is Rocky Balboa. Throughout the film, Rocky symbolizes extreme willpower, persistence, and faith. His love interest, Adrian was worried about his safety and wellbeing in the boxing ring. Though she was scared to lose her love, she had to support him through the hardest situations. Both of the characters had to stay consistent in their beliefs and face challenges. In Lost Property the wife had to do the exact same as Adrian by sticking with her husband. They could not choose the obstacles they faced, but they stuck with their soulmates until the

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