Overcoming Obstacles In Wina Bailey's Life

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My mother, Wina Bailey, is a hard working woman who is very successful in life. She not only has a satisfying job, but she is also able to care for her family. When Wina graduated high school, she wasn’t able to achieve her college degree right away because of her family struggles. However, when she was 36 years old, Her best friend inspired her to go back to college because even though it took her friend years to achieve a masters degree, yet she persevered and that gave my mom strength mentally in which she was able to say “ I can do that too”. She decided to attend University of Phoenix’s online classes in extent to care for a family of 4 and juggle working full time. During this time, Wina faced many obstacles. The first obstacle she had was that “Time was against me”, so she had to make use of her time especially since she still had to go to work in the morning, come home in the afternoon, make dinner, take care…show more content…
Wina was able to have a better chance of applying for more companies because a business major is more abroad. Not only did it bring economic benefits, but it helped in a way that she could become more confident since she persevered and achieved her dream of earning a degree. Also, she learned a lot of college lessons during those years and is able to practice it in real life, In the end, interviewing my mom, Wina Bailey, helped me understand and learn from her mistakes and how college is a huge benefit of being successful in life. The last message my mom presented to me is to go to college right after high school, get it done right away, and take advantage of opportunities whether it’s tutoring or being able to retake a test, Nonetheless, “ Time management is the utmost, once you get that down you won’t be overwhelmed” this allows any college student to be prioritized and have a “better flow” when it comes to school or college work. That is why college is so important to my
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