Overcoming Obstacles Research Paper

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Obstacles; they are a key part of our lives; part of what makes us human. Everyone has to face them, even our favorite fictional characters, like Iron Man. Why then, are they treated as such a bad thing? Often, we think of obstacles and setbacks in a purely negative light. We have to work harder, things take longer, and it doesn’t go exactly the way we want. We seem to be so busy complaining about them that we fail to notice how important obstacles really are. Overcoming obstacles is a key skill in life as it helps us to grow, gives our lives purpose and could even change the world.

Growing and learning are a part of everyday life. Mistakes help us to improve for the next time. We are always learning new skills and growing to be new and different
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Haven’t you ever wondered if you could change the world? Had a daydream in which you made a discovery that would change the lives of millions? We read about these stories on the news all the time. Where one person rises up against the odds and does something truly important, truly meaningful. It is possible to change the world, but we will never be able to do it unless we overcome the obstacles before us no matter how hard they seem. Albert Einstein changed the world through science; Martin Luther King fought for civil rights and equality; Shakespeare has influenced acting and theatre since the fifteenth century. They all had to face setbacks and difficulties in order to achieve their goals. But in the end, it was obviously worth it. Every single person in this world has to deal with obstacles, it’s how they deal with them that matters. Some people would rather avoid the problems altogether. Those are the people who won’t go anywhere in life; they will never get better at anything. It’s the people who step up and face the problems head on who have a chance to do something with their lives. Those are the people who can change the
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