Overcoming Strengths In My Life

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Throughout my life, I have encountered many obstacles that contribute to who I am today. Luckily I have had the strength within me to overcome all of them. When I was seven years old, my parents filed for a divorce. My father moved to sacramento and my mother stayed in Redwood City with my Sister and I. I didn 't understand why. I didn 't understand how, but I could not find the courage to ask my mother about either. She seemed so broken and distraught. How could I ask her for answers when she was having a hard enough time processing what just happened to our family? Our house got a lot more quiet. A bit too quiet for my liking as a seven year old. So I started doing everything in my power to make my mother and Sister happy. I tried…show more content…
I missed my dad. Everyday I wondered why I couldn 't see him. Six months after the divorce, we were forced to move in with my Grandparents. As soon as everything seemed to subside, I found what it took to ask my mom why her and Dad divorced. She then told me, “Sometimes people just stop loving each other sweetheart.” I knew there had to be more to it. We seemed like such a happy family there is no way that they just stopped loving each other out of the blue. I kept on pushing and pushing but she would tell me the exact same thing everytime. I was getting extremely aggravated then but today I understand why she couldn 't tell me and I am extremely grateful that she didn’t. After one year of living with my grandparents, we moved into a condo in Redwood Shores. My father decided that he wanted to fight for custody of us. I presumed that after the court date, my parents would have 50/50 custody of my sister and I. That day, my mother came home and told me that the court had granted my dad the right to supervised visitation and that he was moving back towards us. I was excited but a little confused as to why the judge denied my father 50/50 custody. However, I was more comfortable with the decision since I was a lot closer with my
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