Overcoming Successure Essay: How To Overcome Failure

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How to Overcome Failure One of the biggest struggle of people in general is our need to have success. One way or another, not achieving that success equals with failure. And although success and failure are relative terms, we tend to be our most dreadful judgers and live with the constant stress of “what if I fail?”. And by doing this is like inviting failure in our lives because we give it such great importance and focus. It’s true what they say, that you attract the things you focus upon, and the law of attraction will eventually give you that which you concentrate on. As with anything else, fearing about failing at something or in life in general is an auto-sabotage we do to ourselves and in this way we prevent our lives to unfold in…show more content…
So what is it then? Is it about having too high expectations? Maybe we should trim the expectations down a little or make them more realistic so we don’t ever experience failure and that sense that we’ve failed? Could this be the answer? But wait a minute. Should we not have dreams, desires and expectations about our lives to unfold in certain ways? Should we not wish and want? Of course we should, this is a natural human condition for evolution and progress. OK, but what if we could take this fear of failure out of the question and attain the success that we want without unnecessary stress and too much trouble? Well, this is another thing. The famous published author Brian Tracy defined the fear of failure as the “single barrier between us and success” and we always use this “I can’t” phrase to express this kind of fear. I can’t do this, I can’t do that… and we pretty much destroy our own success because we fear so much about not being able to do it, hence failing at life. Which leads me to ask myself: Is it something in the way we understand or define failure that makes us so fearful, so stressed up and in the end unsuccessful? From my life experience, the answer is YES. Could Failure Be a Good

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