Overexploitation Of Natural Resources

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Overexploitation of natural resources is characterised as a major challenge that makes it impossible to achieve the meaning of a term sustainable development. Overexploitation of natural resources refers to harvesting of renewable and non- renewable resources, until it reaches to the point where resources become less, or eliminated. However, the purpose of this paper is to give a detailed information on how over-exploitation of natural resources contributes to sustainable development. Firstly, this essay will give brief on the historical background of overexploitation of natural resources. Secondly, there will be a summary of the issues caused by
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Western countries are regarded as countries who extracted more of Southern countries wealth through minerals. Rich countries over-extracted resources such as coal to poor countries to develop their own economy. However, this left developing countries with less resources and degraded environment which is bad for sustainable development. Furthermore, this is the reason why countries with lot of resources are poor than countries with no resources. After apartheid, has long gone, overexploitation of natural resources did not stop. Human being believed that having resources is a gift and should exploit them in to sustain…show more content…
Development of economy puts more pressure on the environment, because it takes an environment to be degraded to ensure economic growth. However, the most confusing part is how an individual develop one pillar of sustainability by destroying the other. Mining plays a huge role in the development of economy and it creates jobs which leads to alleviation of poverty. However, it is bad for the environment because it contributes to overuse of resources which can possible results to extinction of non-renewable resources. furthermore, it produces pollution which is not good for human health. Mining is the major cause of deforestation, because for the mine to take place plantation should be removed which is bad for people because they need oxygen produce by plantation. Exploitation of resources is a challenge that needs to be minimised because it makes it harder to ensure social and environmental

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