Overfishing In Hawaii Essay

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Imagine a world without any fish in our ocean, nothing for the next generation no ahis mahi mahis ,marlins and many more fish we won’t have if over fish our oceans. I feel that overfishing in Hawaii is a major problem for 3 reasons such as people are taking fish that are under the size limit on the fish, another example is people are taking the fish that are the big breeders and they don’t give them a chance to repopulate and for the last example is people are taking more than they need and it could be a waste because it just sits in the freezer. The first reason I think overfishing is a major problem in Hawaii is because people are taking fish that are small and under the size limit that they should be taking. This is a problem because they are not giving the fish enough time to reproduce also that when the take the small fish is a problem because, there is not enough meat on that fish anyways so they pretty much just took that fish and wasted it because it to small. They should of have let it go to grow as they say in the island “let um go let um grow” many people …show more content…

This is a problem because sometimes the fish just sits and waste and sometimes they can have fish for a party not all the fish could be eaten so sometimes people give food away to others and maybe they won’t eat it and it goes to waste we should only take what we need and no more or one day we won’t have any fish and we will have to live without it and we are going to wish we never took so much and just let it go to waste. So that is what I think about over fishing in Hawaii and why I think it is a major problem and how I believe we can prevent all our fish being taken before it is too late, so now I hope we can all come together as an island and work together a keep our fish population going up and not down and I think we can do it we just need to work together and take care of our

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