Overfishing: Modern Human Life Is Polluting The World

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Modern human life is polluting the world. The products that make our life livable, are a big threat to the oceans. Even places that are untouched by mankind, are experiencing the effects of pollution. Entire populations of fish species are being wiped out by overfishing, not even mentioning the species caught as bycatch. The oceans suffer a lot from pollution as well. Fishermen throwing their garbage into the ocean, which affects the health of the coral and the fish that live in it. Climate change is destroying the living environments of various animals, like the walruses. The WWF1 started their campaign Seastars to fight against the threats of the ocean. Overfishing comes down to one thing: Catching too much fish which leads to a degradation of the caught species. Overfishing isn’t a sustainable use of the oceans. It is caused by fishing fleets who are too big to catch fish or other species that our ocean can support. In other words; species cannot grow fast enough for the fishing capacity to keep a balance between sustainability of the ocean and catching fish. The current fishing capacity is too big. Not just the fishing itself is unsustainable, but also the methods that fishermen are using. Their gear is targeting the species they want to catch, but also species that they don’t want to catch. This is called bycatch, turtles, sharks and other sea life3 get caught in the fishing nets, they get wounded and either die from fishermen killing them or die from their wounds when

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