Ocean Climate Change Essay

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Modern human life is polluting the world. The products that make our life livable, are a big threat to the oceans. Even places that are untouched by mankind, are experiencing the effects of pollution. Entire populations of fish species are being wiped out by overfishing, not even mentioning the species caught as bycatch. The oceans suffer a lot from pollution as well. Fishermen throwing their garbage into the ocean, which affects the health of the coral and the fish that live in it. Climate change is destroying the living environments of various animals, like the walruses. The WWF1 started their campaign Seastars to fight against the threats of the ocean. Overfishing comes down to one thing: Catching too much fish which leads to a degradation…show more content…
One of the biggest cause has been the exhaust gasses. The climate change has some effects on the ocean. One of the most well-known affects would be the melting of ice. Due to the climate change the temperature rises, because of this, masses of glaciers and ice sheets are melting. The melting of the glaciers and the ice sheets brings several affects. One of the affects would be the rising of the ocean level. The ice which has been melts, floods down into the ocean. The glaciers and ice sheets are covering about 10% of the world 's land area. The Mount Kilimanjaro holds one of the largest glaciers of the world. However, the capacity of the glacier has been decreased by 80% over the past century. If the climate change would be the same in the future, the Mount Kilimanjaro 's glacier would likely be to disappear in the next decade. Disappearing of the environment from sea life animals would be the next affect. The polar bear and the walrus are 2 of the many sea life animals who live near ice sheets. Due to the ice melting, these ice sheets are decreasing quickly. Soon there will be no place for them to live anymore. In the worst case scenario these animals will become extinct in the future. Carbon dioxide is well known as CO2. The level of carbon dioxide in the ocean has increased over the past years. The ocean dissolves the emissions of humans and the combustion of fossil fuel. Once being dissolved, the carbon dioxide creates

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