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Overlapping Toes Overlapping toes are a common foot deformity among children wherein your toe overlaps the neighboring one. Some people believe that overlapping toes are just a cosmetic issue, that it will not affect your everyday life. While having overlapping toes is quite unattractive, this is not the main issue. When you have overlapping toes, it can also cause pain when you are walking or running. It will affect your daily activities especially when you need to move from one point to another. If left ignored, your overlapping toes might just worsen and be more rigid. Before it’s too late, it’s best to determine the causes of overlapping toes and apply the prompt management. Causes of Overlapping Toes Ever wonder why you have overlapping…show more content…
Epsom salt helps to detoxify your skin. Since your feet is more prone to developing corns and calluses due to your overlapping toes, you can try to soften them with this. Do You Need Surgery to Correct Your Overlapping Toes? Doctors only consider a surgery for overlapping toes as a last resort. If detected and corrected early, you don’t need surgery. You only have to comply with non-surgical treatments such as the use of toe spacers, toe straighteners, toe separators and foot cushions. However, overlapping toes are a progressive foot deformity, meaning, it continues to worsen especially when you do nothing about it. Your toe alignment won’t naturally go back to its normal position especially when you already have rigid joints. If your overlapping toes cause you a great deal of pain and any non-surgical treatments are to no effect, then you might be needing a surgery. Prevention of Overlapping Toes To prevent yourself from developing overlapping toes, it is important to stop the cause. For example, if it is genetical, parents should be geared with the knowledge that early detection of overlapping toes during the infant stage is a must. The infancy stage is the best time to correct this foot deformity since the bone structures of the child are not as rigid as that of an

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