Overpopulation Effects

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How Overpopulation affects the World
Overpopulation is a growing problem across the planet, and it has many negative effects to our environment. A lot of people focus on other environmental problems, but overpopulation is something that needs more attention. It is one of the root causes for issues like global warming. We are depleting our world of the natural resources we depend on and it is just getting worse every year. Earth has a limit for how much life it can sustain, and we are getting closer to full capacity. If we don’t do something about overpopulation, it will likely be the end of us.

It took 1800 years for the population of our planet to reach 1 billion, and 200 years later we were at 7 billion. We hit that 7 billion mark in 2011, and the United Nations estimates we will hit 8 billion by 2024. That is crazy when you compare it to the other big landmarks. The growth of our population is exponential, and it has really showed that in the past 50 years or so. There are quite a few reasons our population is growing so fast. Not only are there more people meaning more births, but death is a lot less "common" now. Advancements in technology means better medical services, we now have cures and vaccines to diseases that used to kill thousands. It 's also easier for people in less-developed countries to now immigrate to other countries. Where they can get a good education and overall just have a better quality of life. However, here in America we consume way more than we

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